Painting with Meya

Meya, my 5 year old daughter, is producing more than me at the moment:-) I have too much to finish off at work before my maternity leave. Here is her latest painting!


I helped her with the hearts but she is very exact about how and where she wants them and if I do it "wrong" we have to re-do it. I asked if she wanted the dark purple to be at the bottom or if she wanted 3 hearts... but "NO" she wanted 2 hearts with the dark part at the top! I am soo stuck with dark and light and odd number of objects but I should ease up!  I really like her painting... I am not completely comfortable looking at it due to the even number of flowers and hearts and that it is "too heavy" at the top... but do you know what... that is what makes her stuff great! She just paints from her heart:-) I should do more of that!

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