Good Enough

Finally I have the new look for my web site ready and published and my blog is up and running. This has been a-work-in-progress for some time. I have very high expectations for myself and I am almost never really happy with what I acomplish. I am good at focusing on the things I can do better instead of the things that I have done well. This is at the same time a big driver for me, but sometimes it makes me get stuck and not finish things. It also creates negative energy and I hate negative energy so why do I keep doing it? Good question! I always wants to do better. But face it... most things I do are "good enough"!


So I have decided that my website is good enough! Sure I can improve and add more but this is good enough!... for now:-)


I will try to be better at accepting "Good Enough" on a day to day basis! I was really good at it when I was preparing for my maternity leave at work this time last year (we have 18 months maternity leave in Sweden!). I seem to have forgotten that lately. Maybe "Good Enoough" is what I should call my Journal Page below... I can not decide if it is finished or not... hmm... let's call it Good Enough and just leave it there.


Talking about the journal page below, do you know the symbolic meaning of the butterfly? It fits well with my life at the moment. The butterfly is in many cultures and myths a symbol of transformation because of its impressive process of metamorphosis. In just a month the butterfly goes through the amazing transformation from egg, to caterpillar, to pupa and the pupa emerges into a fantastic beautiful butterfly. Think about the huge transformation she is undergoing and think about the energy that goes into that process!


Have a happy week!

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