Sky's the Limit!

I love the saying "The sky is the limit". There is no real limit, you only limit yourself. If you want something just go for it! It might take time and it might take a lot of hard work... eventually you will reach your goal BUT make sure you enjoy the process while going.


I started the journal page below while waiting for two friends that I paint together with. I drew the face in a text book, tore the page out, glued her into my journal. My friends arrived and  we were working during the day painting canvas backgrounds and at the end of the day I had some scrap paper and paint left.  When they left I continued on my journal page. I used the scrap paper and the left over paint but got stuck and did not know how to finish the page. The page was sitting for a day before I found the saying in my paper scrap box. Voila... that was the missing part for my journal page.

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