Suzi Blu great inspiration

I joined Suzi Blu's online art school  Suzi Blu's Les  Petit Acadamy some time ago. Suzi is known for her unconventional art videos. I found Suzi's Inspiration Videos on Youtube and loved her down to earth style, her openess and the way she makes art. Her videos are informative and yet entertaining and Suzi gives alot of her self. She has such an uncomplicated relation to art.  It is fun to be part of an on-line community where art is shared and discussed. I also love to get hands on help and comments from Suzi.  

Thank you Suzi for the fantstic atmosphere and brilliant community that you have created! You give so much of yourself and I hope you get tones back!


The birdies below are inspired by the latest lesson in the workshop A lovely Dream. I have never been painting birds before but I loved it. It will not be the last time birds appear in my art:-)  The journal page is work-in-progress. I am now adding to the page based on comments from the artists in the community. Very exciting to see where it takes the page:-)

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