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Follow your heart, be creative, and live your dream!

Hi all creative souls!

Now is the time!
Get creative and join us for a year of
art and wellbeing!!

Today the registration opens for
Life Book 2020
and you get 20% discount if you use the
coupon code:  LOVEBOMB2020

I'm so excited to be part of this amazing year long course. I can't wait to share my lessons with you!
I will have two lessons during the year. My main lessons is "My Story in Flow"
In this lesson I will bring you on a journey. I will create my page in many layers, starting with collage. I will find the story that wants to be told by letting go and listening while painting. Ultimately, art journaling opens up the magic of what is unique within me!
I know that many of you already know what Life Book is all about, so if you can't wait to sign up, make sure to click here to get your seat
 And do not forget to use the coupon code to get your 20% off early bird price!! LOVEBOMB2020

Life Book  is a year-long mixed media art class organised by my dear friend Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts. 

Tam has gathered 30 incredible art teachers who are all gearing up to share their mixed media techniques with YOU. You’ll be creating several loose mixed media art journal pages per month which by the end of the year you will bind into a glorious journal - a Life Book! You will also be introduced to yoga, mindfulness, nonviolent communication, body positive thinking and other wellness exercises to help support your personal development journey more holistically.

We will be a fantastic community of art lovers that are all doing this fabulous journey together (over 23,300+ people have joined Life Book during the years it has be running).


You get 85+ fabulous offerings throughout the year for ONLY £109 GBP (approx $130 USD)! The course/ content is valued at well over $3000+ USD - so you'd join it for only a fraction of the price!
Isn't that fantastic!! 
Registration opens today and the class begins on January 1st 2020.
So if you want to start the year with a fabulous creative BANG and spend 2020 with a wonderful creative community of like-minded souls, be sure to join NOW by clicking here !

Sign Up to Life Book 2020 or Find out More Here!

I hope to see you will join us! :)

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I am so honoured being one of the teachers for next year's Life Book 2020.

Life Book is a yearlong creative adventure and we are kicking it off with this amazing FREE summit.  
My friend Tam has interviewed 30 inspiring artists and wellbeing experts from around the world and I am one of them! We will all be teaching on Life Book 2020 and we have now lined up 30 FREE art and creativity activities/ sessions which will all be AVAILABLE FOR FREE during the summit.

Is that awesome or is this awesome!?

Of course we want you to play with us for the whole year
but make sure you join us at least for the free summit.

And please tell all your creative friends about this amazing opportunity!!


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We are less than 2 weeks out from the
Make Create Express - Creative Weekend

Ignite your Creativity with this Free Creative Retreat Weekend.
 ☆  27 artists share their magic from around the world.
 ☆  Learn new techniques & processes.
 ☆  Connect with your own creative spark.
 ☆  Make time for yourself & your creative expression.
To celebrate that there is less than 2 weeks left
I am giving away 1 spot for the full 1 year long
Make Create Express- The Creative Journey Continues
This is a year long workshop!!

---  Update!  ---
The winner is: Christin Clausén

To Enter the give away:

1. Copy the URL for this post (!!!-42761916) and share it on your Facebook
2. be sure to tell me in the comments below that you have shared this post

I will announce the winner of the YEAR LONG ON-LINE CLASS on June 27

For extra entries:
• share this blog post on other social media places such as your blog, twitter, pinterest, google, or other social network platform & leave me a comment below describing where it is shared.
• Share and comment my Facebook post HERE 

Good luck!!
...and don't forget to join us for the
Make Create Express- Online Creative Weekend Event 

To enter the rest of the give aways in the Blog hop
Join the daily giveaways by visiting the artist’s blogs below on the day of their giveaway. Good luck to everyone!!

26th of June: Hali Karla, Fonda Clark Haight, Muriel Stegers
27th of June: Mariëlle Stolp, Kiala Givehand
28th of June: Connie Solera, Karine Bossé


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I am super excited!!!

I’m going to be one of the teachers for the

Make Create Express

workshop this year.

This is a year long creative adventure which kicks off with the Free Creative Retreat weekend. Did I mention the free weekend - free!! how awesome is that!!

27 teachers from around the world, including me, are generously offering up their creative gifts to help inspire your creative gifts!!
AMAZINGLY awesome.

Of course we want you to play with us for the whole year but make sure you join us for the free retreat- you can find all the deets here

And please tell all your creative friends, especially those who don’t yet know how wonderfully creative they are. It’s going to be a creative lovefest of inspiration!!!
And did I mention its FREE


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is now open!

Yeeeessss, I am so very very excited!!

I am now opening my in-depth art journaling e-course for registration again!!


This is what previous students said:

"Book of Flow is s great opportunity to work creating a journal that is not perfect and there is no pressure for it to be. Jenny is an excellent instructor, with detailed instructions to help you be successful in completing your book."

"I have never been so connected with my work. Thank you Jenny. You have taught me something and I don't even know what it is well it's connection. It's connection with my art place on a deeper level"

Book of Flow - the E-course.

This will be such a fun journey. 3-weeks of art journaling together in my studio, out and about and in collaborations with other artists!!
This course is something very very special!

I will bring you into my art journaling world and you will come along on a fun and funky journey. I will step-by-step show you how I create my art journal and I will show you all my favourite art supplies and tricks.
We will meet in a couple of live sessions so that we can interact as we go (these will be recorded and possible to watch at any time!). I will also bring you outside my studio and show you how I use my journals on a daily basis. We will journal in different places (pre-recorded) and I will do some really cool collaborations with other artists.

Join me, register today!!
Seats are limited!


My goal is to inspire you and give you tools to be creative with no need of any particular outcome or result. The process and the time you spend creating is the purpose of the journey. The end result is just a bonus.

The course is self-paced and you have 2 years access to the material.

The launch of the course is the 1st of May.

The price for this in-depth course is 117US$
Seats are limited so please register now!

Please let me know if you have any questions.
You can reply to this e-mail if you want.
I hope to see you in class and do some fun and funky art journaling together!

Love Jenny

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I'm really thrilled!!!
The 21 SECRET Face Time class room opens today!!!

And the respons to my give away last week was fantastic. I have decided to celebrate by giving away one more spot to this fantastic class - 21 SECRETS Face Time

Please enter the draw below by adding your e-mail adress

You will get the link to a FREE VIDEO of an Art Journal Page that I made some time ago.

The winner will be notified the 3rd of April!

The winner of the first draw is: Bente T. Barane
The winner of the second draw is: Veronika Swanepoel Olivier

My lesson in Face Time is called The Eyes of the Soul. I will create a couple of different faces on mixed media backbrounds. I will show you some simple ways to do faces.

I cannot wait to see what all the other 20 teachers have come up with. 21 mixed media lessons all about Faces.

Please register to the class here❤️

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I'm really thrilled to let you all know what I have been working on lately... 

...I am one of the 21 teachers in the newest 21 SECRETS class -Face Time... and it is all about faces.

The lesson I've created is called The Eyes of the Soul. I will create a couple of different faces on mixed media backbrounds. I will show you some simple ways to do faces.

I cannot wait to see what all the other 20 teachers have come up with. 21 mixed media lessons all about Faces.

Please register here❤️


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Nu får klockargården nytt liv
– konsten flyttar in

Photo from news article. Photografer: Jens Knessert
Photo from news article. Photografer: Jens Knessert

Konstnären Jenny Grant har flyttat sin ateljé till den gamla 1700-tals byggnaden i Danderyd.
– Det passar mig perfekt. Här håller jag både kurser, skapar och visar upp min konst, säger hon.

Photo from news article. Photografer: Jens Knessert
Photo from news article. Photografer: Jens Knessert

See the whole article here

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I am so excited to share my magic world of mixed media art and this particular class, Faces of Flow, with you. I absolutely love painting mixed media faces! My goal with this class, is to share my addiction with you :)

Faces can be a bit intimidating to draw and paint and I know that many of us, me included, feel a bit scared and frustrated when we get to the "ugly stage" in the painting process and everything looks a bit awkward.

I hope that I with this class will give you some tools and tricks that will help you to enjoy the process, instead of resisting it! I hope this class will allow you to flow through those challenging stages and to let go of that fear.


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I am now moved into my new studio space.
It is an amazing place, a house built during the 18th century (1750). I will turned this historic place into a creative hub. I will run my painting classes for kids and adults and corporate events such as team building workshops. I will also arrange parties for kids and much more. Come and knock on the door, have a coffee and check all the art on the walls.

Opening Exhibition Event

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