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These two paintings where delivered to "A Square Foot" Exhibition at Creative Tauranga, New Zealand.

Mindful, 12"x12", NZ$ 150

Mindfulness is a state of active attention on the present. Instead of letting your life pass you by, be mindful and live in the moment and be awake and experience life.

"Namaste", 12"x12", NZ$ 150

Stop, be silent, be mindful, listen to your voice within even though you are in the middle of a hectic life and a cluttered world.

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Two paintings delivered to "A Square Foot " exhibition held at Creative Tauranga Dec-Jan. The opening night is on Thursday!

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These two girls are for sale at the Turner Gallery in Te Puna.

Sunny, 30x30 cm, 135 NZ$
Sunny, 30x30 cm, 135 NZ$
Jill, 30x30cm, 135 NZ$
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My solo exhibition at the Lightwave gallery has been extended another week:-) Last day will be the 18th of November. It has been a big success and I have sold a bunch of paintings.


The exhibition is called The Voice Within and includes 14 paintings. There is a little compendium, that goes with it ,that describes my thoughts about inutition, how I have been guided through the painting process and the lessons I learnt through the process. I have add all that information to my web The Voice Within - an Exhibition by Jenny Grant (This is the link to the exhibition page). Happy reading!


Below are some pictures from the opening day.

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