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Live painting performance at the Waterfront Festival in Tauranga. A great afternoon in gale force wind and black clouds all around us:-) I secured the easel with tent pegs and string. The music was playing and I was in my Flow!

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I loooove challenges... and I could of course not resist the challenge when the Principal of the local Primary School asked if I wanted to paint a back drop for the school hall stage. I got free hands as long as the local mount was in the painting.

So I stapled the 7m x 3m big canvas to the wall, primed it and started as I always do...

...painting from my heart with no idea what the end result would look like:-)



After a couple of layers of paint  the imagary slowly was taking shape...

I loved painting in the hall... the kids coming up to me asking questions and commenting during the process...

Loved painting these quirky houses... and the kids looove them:-)

...and ta daaa... the final painting!

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