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My latest painting "I'll be me" is now for sale at restaurant Delissi in Mount Maunganui.
The painting is 1,8x1,2 meter (6x4 feet).

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There are big changes going on in my life... I am moving from New Zealand to Sweden:-) My studio is all packed up and ready to go in the container that will sail all the way north.  I am sooooo looking forward to unpack it and move into my "new" studio while back home... but the stuff is not arriving until beginning of April so I need to be patient:-) I am happy I have my art journaling to rely on until then.

It will be interesting to see how the move affects my art and if there will be other images or colours appearing during 2014. I am bringing some finished art with me and they might appear in my next exhibition... if not sold before that.

I already have an Art Expo and one solo exhibition booked for 2014 in Sweden.

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